• Operational Efficiency: we take on delivery costs to help efficiently scale your video distribution business.
  • Sophisticated Rights Management: end-to-end delivery guarantees licensing rights management, transparency, and control.
    • Standardized, multilingual metadata surfaces the best content to the right audiences, maximizing revenue.
    • Pinpoint control over licensing rights. You determine who licenses your content and exactly which geos they serve to.
    • No leakage. End-to-end delivery guarantees control over your content.
  • Seamless Integration: with the buyer marketplace, compatible with any OVP and/or CMS.
    • Agnostic integration across all digital media formats.
    • Automated retrieval and transcoding processes to distribute content in real-time.
  • Advanced metadata tools and a dedicated client service team aligns your content with leading publishers and verticals to maximize distribution, performance, and monetization.


Lack of comprehensive rights management on Youtube embeds. Content creator doesn’t set the rates, Youtube sets the rates.


VOS end-to-end delivery platform guarantees you control and full transparency of your content. We work with any OVP and allow the buyer to use their own player and monetization strategy.

Other Content Exchanges

Other exchanges make you use their video player and monetization platform. You lose control of your revenue and the value of your content.

Expand your audience with VOS.

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